Tie vine

Fall is prominently purple around here. I thought our first purple flower identification here at the ol’ Sparkle Farm would be an easy one. Growing up, we always just called them Morning Glories. Nope. They are from the Morning Glory family but this particular purple pretty is probably

Torrey’s Tievine or Pomoea Cordatotriloba var. Torreyana

Now why would you say that Ray Prewitt? That looks just like Purple Tievine or Ipomoea Cordatotriloba var. Cordatotriloba, said only the nerdiest of us nerds.

There seems to be decades of hubbub about what to call this species and I haven’t been able to find out who this Torrey person is. It’s all very boring, even by my loose standards.

I had to go back out and check the flowers naughty bits and undercarriage to see if it was hairy, which it was not, so I’m thinking it’s the Torrey’s.

It’s pleasant to the eye, but it’s everywhere. Probably why most gardeners frown on this lightening fast tangler.

Stay pretty little vines, because otherwise you are exhausting.